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Huge Plane Banners

AIRADS sheet banners are large and impressive. Sheet banners are custom made aerial advertising signs that fly with no letters attached, and can be up to 20ft tall and 70ft long a massive 1,400 square feet (120 sq metres).

Sheet sky banners have computer enhanced artwork, contain vibrant colours and are large with big impact.

Customise Your Skybanner:

Production time for Sheet banners depends primarily on the size of the sign and the amount of detail involved. Typically ten working days is sufficient once all artwork is received.

Almost any air banner artwork can be reproduced onto the material to display a customer's message. An endless choice of colours can be used to emphasize the design. Artwork, with the appropriate colour scheme must be finished before production can begin. Camera-ready art or digital image files are preferred for accuracy.

Letter Size:
  • 5ft /1.5m Sky banners can be read as far away as 1100ft / 335m
  • 7ft / 2.1m Sky banners can be read as far away as 1650ft / 503m
  • 15ft / 4.6m Sky banners can be read as far away as 3500ft / 1067m
  • 20ft /6.1m Sky banners can be read as far away as 4600ft / 1402m
View our Flickr gallery for examples of our work.
Banner Artwork

Ads best suited for banner towing are those that have large, bold designs; utilize a limited number of colours; which are easily identified by your audience on the ground. (Remember, these signs are viewed at great distances and so letter sizes of at least 5 feet high are optimal).

The colours should make dramatic use of contrast (light colour on dark background or vice versa) so legibility from towing altitudes will be maximised. Bold, block type styles offer the greatest viewing area for letters.

Other Banners:
Extend Your Reach:

Add a New Dimension to Your Advertising & Say it With Style


  • Business
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • 'Special' Personal Messages
  • Races
  • Fairs
  • Pop Concerts
  • Exhibitions
  • Public Sector
  • Political Messages
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Corporate Events
  • Sales Awareness